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Unlock your natural energy

Katie Pande, Senior Herbal Advisor at Pukka Herbs gives us the inside view on the best herbs for exercise to improve performance and aid recovery.

Exercise is great for our physical and emotional wellbeing. It makes us feel brighter, happier, but can put the body under stress. During a workout our muscles need more oxygen and glucose in order to work at a faster rate. The body also has to dispose of higher levels of carbon dioxide.

To achieve this, both our heart rate and our rate and depth of breathing all increase. As we exercise on a more regular basis, we end up improving our overall metabolic rate, or the amount of energy our body expends per unit of time. An improved metabolic rate can help improve overall health and contribute towards maintaining a healthy weight, efficient digestion, healthy circulation and even reduce stress.

We know that certain foods and herbs can help us boost our metabolism and increase our energy.

Here is a short guide to which herbs you can use to supercharge your workout, and speed up your recovery:

Red ginseng

Red ginseng is full of energy and makes an excellent choice for that pre-workout boost. It can help you to build core energy levels by improving adrenal strength and it increases the oxygen available to the muscles. It can help support repair and recovery, and has a mild stimulant effect which can potentially improve endurance.

Matcha and green tea

Both matcha and green tea can boost metabolic rate. They’re the perfect option for before, during and after exercise. Matcha and green tea may also improve cognitive functioning, so for some people are useful at helping us to stay motivated.


Turmeric can be help the body recover and potentially reduce inflammation. It also boosts the body’s metabolic rate, increases circulation and heart rate. Turmeric can be an excellent alternative to conventional painkillers and has been shown to alleviate muscue tension or pain.

Learn more about the power of herbs on the Pukka Herbs website and visit their stand at the 2018 Bristol Grand Prix in our race village.