Two-time BristolGP champion Pfeiffer Georgi

Pfeiffer Georgi has been cycling for 13 years, or if you want to think about it another way, she has only not been cycling for four years of her life. 

In the second of our rider profiles we speak to the two-time winner of the women’s Bristol Grand Prix and one of the UK’s most exciting young cyclists.

Georgi started cycling at Herne Hill velodrome aged just 4. She was introduced to the sport by her dad, former professional cyclist Peter Georgi. She started by going to the track with her dad, located a couple of minutes away from her house. She currently rides for Liv CC Halo Films and is part of the GB Junior Academy, with her coach Monica Eden.

You’ve had some great results already this year. If you had to pick out a few, which were the most significant to you and why? 

I would say my biggest result this year is winning the Trofeo Binda Nations Cup in March, which is probably my biggest result to date.

I also broke the junior girl’s competition record (53:51) for the 25 mile TT at Merthyr, knocking 50 seconds off the previous record that had stood for 21 years.

I competed in the Apeldoorn interland track competition at the start of the year and managed to win some of the races there.

What are your goals for the 2018 season?

My main goal for the 2018 season is the road world championships in Austria, where I hope to compete in the road race and time trial. The course is quite hilly which I think suits me best. 

What sort of approach do you take to winter training and holding form throughout the race season?

During the winter I tend to do a mixture of steady miles and intense efforts, and also include track training. We tend to have quite a few track competitions during the winter, including the senior national championships. 
During the early part of season I tend to train through some of the smaller races, to maintain fitness for later on. Then when I’m trying to peak for an important event I will do more intense training and reduce the volume slightly.

What’s your favourite local training ride?

My favourite training route would have to be one in the hills, or going over the bridge into Wales and going up Shirenewton.

You’ve been a dominant presence at the Bristol Grand Prix, how would you explain it?

I really enjoy riding the Bristol Grand Prix because the course is quite technical and the crowds are always really enthusiastic. 
It’s also nice to race near home because I always seem to be travelling a long way to races.

What is your current bike setup?

I’m currently racing on a Giant TCR Advanced SL which I really like. I think the geometry is much better than bikes I’ve previously ridden. 

Are you being helped by any clubs or sponsors?

The British Cycling Junior Academy is sponsored by HSBC UK, which is a massive thing for all the GB teams. My club, Liv CC is sponsored by Giant Bikes, local accountancy firm, FD Works and cycle coaching company, Halo Cycles. I also get direct help with my track equipment from Mavic (wheels) and Dugast (tyres).

What is your favourite pre-race breakfast?

My favourite pre-race breakfast would be left overs from the previous night, such as curry, chilli or a even a roast! However if I’m away on a trip I would usually have porridge or other cereal. 

Do you have any unusual race day rituals?

I don’t actually have any race day rituals and am not particularly superstitious. 

Is there anyone in the pro peloton you particularly look up to and why?

I would say I look up to Lizzie Deignan because I’ve always enjoyed watching her race and have been inspired by her. 

Are there any pro races you look forward to watching?

I really enjoy watching the spring classics on TV, especially Flanders and Paris Roubaix. These are always really exciting races and the cobbled climbs and cobbled sections split it up a lot. It’s also nice to watch the racing on roads I’ve ridden on before, so I have an idea of what it’s actually like. 

Pfeiffer will be racing the 2018 Bristol Grand Prix. You can follow her on Twitter, or watch her in action on 8 July. If you’d like to feature as one of our rider profiles, contact us today.