Bristol GP 2017 Frog Street

Kicking it with Kiri

The Bristol Grand Prix is an incredible opportunity for two-wheeled businesses to engage with cyclists. This year’s race will see the race host an exciting announcement from Bristol’s own Kiri Cycle Technology.

We speak to Ashley Crossey, Commercial Director at Kiri Cycle Technology about what we can expect (although he’s not giving away much!).

What is your favourite ride?

As a rider, I’m quite enjoying the Brockley Combe route at the moment, but that changes from time to time, with Kingston Seymour being up there!

Tell us a bit about Kiri Cycles?

Our mission statement is to build bikes for every type of road cyclist, from the seasoned professional to the daily commuter. We’re going to launch our full range of bikes at the Bristol Grand Prix, and we’re very excited indeed.

How has cycling and bike culture in Bristol improved?

Since the Bristol Green Capital campaign here has been and a coincidental surge in interest in British Cycling at a professional level as a whole at that time.

At a guess, I would say that Bristol has to have one of the greatest cycling networks in the United Kingdom. From the daily commuter, to the seasoned triathlete on a TT bike, Bristol contributes significantly to the cycling culture around the country. And with the road works, it’s certainly the fastest way around town (tongue in cheek).

What are you looking forward to at the 2018 Bristol Grand Prix?

The E/1/2 is what everyone is looking forward to, and that’s understandable. But with the Kiri Athlete programme, we certainly look forward to the 3/4 category and the potential that this provides us to look for in terms of the next crop battling to break through.

We hear you’re launching at the GP, what can people expect to see?

On the day if you come to our stand you will be able to see our entire range of beautifully crafted bikes, built here in Bristol. Our stand is in the heart of the race village on the beautiful College Green.

Kiri Cycle Technology are keeping their launch a closely guarded secret at the moment, but you can follow them on social media to find out more about what they’re doing.

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