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Protect and serve

Hayes Parsons Insurance Brokers are planning to celebrate their sponsorship of the Women’s Bristol Grand Prix in style. We chat to Marketing Manager Helen Carpenter to find out what the sponsors of the Women’s Bristol Grand Prix have planned…

Can you explain your involvement with the GP?

Hayes Parsons Insurance Brokers are sponsoring the Women’s Bristol Grand Prix.

As a proud Bristol business we love anything that promotes our city and we are very excited to be involved with Bristol GP for the first time. As our office is in the city centre we’re used to looking out of our windows at the sea of traffic so it will be great to see those same streets being overtaken by bikes! 

Tell us a bit about what you do?

We are an independent insurance broker and risk management advisor based in central Bristol and have been providing bespoke insurance solutions to companies and private individuals for over 50 years.

We specialise in niche areas where our expert brokers can add real value and being Bristol based means we insure a lot of well known Bristol businesses and organisations, including a number along the Bristol GP route! 

What will Hayes Parsons be doing on the day?

Arriving early to cheer on the 18 competitors in the Women’s Grand Prix at 9am!

The main race circuit goes straight past our office in Colston Tower so after the women’s race we will be at the Hayes Parsons Corner on Colston Street to support the men’s race and those taking part in Let’s Ride in the afternoon.

Our corner will be decked out in Hayes Parsons branding and we are aiming to be the noisiest bunch of supporters! It should be a great day for families and we’re hoping to help inspire people of all ages to get involved in cycling and try it for themselves.

We will have giveaways and prizes up for grabs at the Hayes Parsons corner — keep an eye on our Twitter page for details and come along and see us on Sunday.

You’re sponsoring the Women’s Bristol Grand Prix. Are you excited about the event?

Absolutely! The Women’s GP is an incredible event, showcasing the strength and depth of women’s racing. We’re proud to sponsor the event and bring elite level racing to Bristol.

As a business, we’re committed to equality and we welcome the decision to match prize pots for men and women. This sends out the right message that women’s racing is as hard, challenging and rewarding as men’s. The field this year looks incredible, and the addition of four riders from the Storey Racing Team will take the race to a whole new level.

We can’t wait.

Bike theft is, sadly, a massive problem. Sorry to talk work, but do you have any advice for people who want to protect their bikes?

Yes, always remember to check your household contents policy will cover your new bicycle. Most standard insurance policies will provide a certain amount of cover for bicycles but not all, depending on your provider you may need to list each bike and their value on the policy.

You also need to check the policy conditions regarding storage, particularly overnight. If you have an expensive bike that could be attractive to thieves, you may be required to store it in a specific location or with a certain lock.

If you are not sure, call you insurance provider and ask them about conditions relating to bicycles. 

Follow Hayes Parsons on Twitter throughout the day for the chance to win some amazing cycle-related prizes. 

Whether you’re in Bristol or not, if you need comprehensive insurance and risk management advice then you need Hayes Parsons.