Eating isn’t cheating

Cyclists need fuel, and the healthier the better. At this year’s Bristol Grand Prix riders and spectators will be able to chow down on some healthy and tasty food prepared by Liv Taylor.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m a cyclist, triathlete, molecular biologist, countryside and adventure lover but most of all a food enthusiast! I am the owner of Fuelled by Liv. We create dishes that keep you satisfied and energised so you can keep on living life to the full.

Choose your favourite ride from Le Sportif

Mallorca’s Sa Colobra. I’m super lucky in that my brother lives in Palma, Mallorca so every time I visit I try and squeeze in a quick cycle around some part of the island. Sa Colobra is incredible!

What do you like about riding in the South West?

I love the countryside, the great views, the variety of rides available and all the good cafes I can plan my ride around. Having recently moved back from London it’s taken a while to get used to not riding around a busy city every day!

What do you ride?

I bought myself the new Liv Envie Advanced 2 2018 as a Christmas present to myself last year. I’ve signed up for Ironman Barcelona this year so a bike upgrade was a little treat for all the training! The fact that it’s called Liv was an added bonus.

What is your favourite ride?

Ooh a tough one, but I think my favourite ride would have to be a ride I did at the age of 16 across Northern Spain, East to West finishing in Santiago de Compostela..A long one, which seemed even longer when I was that young but it was just so incredibly beautiful.

It was truly memorable and it was the start of my obsession with cycling.

Tell us a bit about what you do?

I run my own food stall at sports events, providing nutritious and delicious plant based food.
I’m so happy to be a part of Bristol GP, a truly awesome event in an incredible city. As a keen cyclist myself being part of this event combines two of my favourite things.

What are you looking forward to at the 2018 Bristol Grand Prix?

I’m really looking forward to seeing some racing. It’s so exciting to be able to watch it so close to where I live.

I truly believe that cycling can bring people together and so having a mix of pro racing and family friendly cycling is such a great idea. It’ll be lovely to see all the families and kids cycling the streets of Bristol!

Look forward to seeing you all on Sunday 8th July, come find me on College Green!

If you’re visiting the Bristol Grand Prix or Let’s Ride event make sure you drop by and see Liv for some delicious, handmade treats and dishes.  fuelledbyliv.com   @fuelledbyliv   /fuelledbyliv