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Cycling + Gym = Power

Cycling is an amazing way to see our beautiful country, but when the nights are dark or the weather terrible, you can still boost your wattage with a session at the gym. Colin Simpson, Fitness motivator at Everyone Active talks to us about why some of your most important rides this year might be done inside.

Cycling is very easy on the major joints of the lower body and great for cardiovascular fitness and rehabilitation, especially for knee and hip injuries.

At local leisure centres there should be opportunities for you to use upright or recumbent bikes in the gym. Their set up and use will always be supervised by qualified gym staff.

If you just want to focus on fat burning, our Group Cycling classes are fantastic. You can burn anywhere between 400 to 600 kcals in a 45 minute session. Most timetables will give you the option of either a physical, or virtual, instructor.

Serious cyclists may have access to Watt bikes, where power is the main unit currency, with the added bonus of being able to view and measure ones pedalling efficiency. This efficiency is measured and displayed in real time so that one can improve technique accordingly. All of this information can be stored on the bike or on a smartphone and reviewed at a later date in order to assess improvements in power.

It’s not always about power. Sometimes you may want to just enjoy the feeling of having done some exercise. 

At Everyone Active, we see the benefits of regular exercise for cyclists. Group Cycling and Watt bike sessions have given many members the confidence to complete triathlons and sportives. 

It’s also helped them to broaden their social, and fitness horizons, improving their lives off the bike too.

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