Gwen Bevan, Detective Constable and Triathlete

Gwen Bevan is balancing the challenging training regime for an Ironman Triathlon alongside a demanding job.

We have a chat with Gwen to see just what cycling means for her, and why it’s the perfect antidote to a difficult day in the office.

Can you provide a bit of information about yourself, job role, age, job title and a bit of context?

I am a Detective Constable and I work on the Major Crime Investigation Team. I am 47 years old and based in Bristol, although our department covers Avon & Somerset, Wiltshire & Gloucester.

We predominately investigate murders but we do get involved in other serious crime investigations. My day-to-day job is very varied – I can be interviewing witnesses, victims and suspects. I am a Family Liaison Officer so would support families of the deceased, preparing investigations for court and also attending court when trial is in progress. I work shifts, thankfully not nights any more, when a murder is reported and the investigation starts this obviously means working long hours and over our rest days until we reach the stage of persons being charged.

What current exercise you do and why it’s important to you?

At the moment I am training for Ironman Barcelona which is on 2nd October. This means that I train pretty much every day and sometimes even twice a day. I have to fit in training for swimming, running and cycling and going to work, I try to cycle to work as much as possible and then I can train in the evening when I get home.

Even when not training for an event like this I would still exercise most days, it makes me feel better. I love being outside and meeting up with friends to go on bike rides or for a swim. I also find that working in an area that pretty much revolves around death it is a good way to relieve stress and take my mind off work.

Why do you think it’s essential people exercise as they get older?

To keep you fit and healthy, improve bone density, boost energy, help your immune system and relieve stress. It can also be great socially as you can join a gym, a local cycling or running club and meet new people.

Hopefully it might just slow down the ageing process a little bit!

What do you hope to get out of taking part in the corporate relay?

A fun day out and an opportunity to race around the city centre of Bristol, I did it last year and it was great fun with big crowds and lots of support even for the Police!

A win would be nice as well!

What message would you give to someone starting to take exercise seriously again?

Try and do something every day, it doesn’t have to be much but a little will help. Set some goals – they don’t have to be huge but it is good to have something to aim for. Join a group or find some friends to exercise with as you will help to motivate each other.

Most of all, Have fun!